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Santa's Sales Wish List!

Sorry, I couldn't help myself! Well, it is the season of giving, and as I was making plans for gifts for my loved ones, it occurred to me that those of us in the life science sales industry might also profit from some work gifts as we move into 2023. It is also the season to be jolly. So I am sure you will allow me a little latitude with my puns…..

The majority of us will enter 2023 with some good intentions for both our personal and professional lives. I'm sure you'll see plenty of articles with titles like "10 things you should do to improve your company's sales in 2023" or "New Year's Resolutions for Sales Pro's" over the upcoming weeks.

However, in this post, I am going to concentrate on things that you can buy to improve the outcomes of your sales and marketing efforts. All of these are tools I currently use or have benefited from in the past. So I can stand over my recommendations.

So what’s on my wish list this year?

1. Get and use a great CRM

Products like Pipedrive or Insightly are among my favorites because of how user-friendly they are. I've found that other CRM tools (like Sugar and Salesforce) feel complicated and burdensome. This leads to low compliance among the sales team and often renders your dollar investment useless. Find a simple tool and configure it so only the most essential information is required from users and then you will have a tool with higher salesperson compliance.

Remember that the key benefit of CRM is to track prospects through your sales process. So if you are just using your CRM tool as a quotation generator and not setting actionable tasks for the future then you are wasting money. Indeed, if you are just creating quotes within your CRM then you can probably save a lot of money by using the quote generators available in most accounting packages from QuickBooks to Sage.

2. Buy Everyone in your Business a Copy of Death By Meeting

I did a book review on this gem a while back (You can find it here). Suffice to say that this book solves the problem of what is a good versus bad or (seasonally adjusted) naughty versus nice meeting and how to ensure your meetings are on the good list. This book will enhance your productivity. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

3. Training

Commit to regular external training for your sales and marketing staff. In fact, do this for all your staff. Now I am just going to be plain kitsch here and say it: The biggest room in the World is the room to improve. If your sales team has convinced themselves that they know it all, then they are dangerously self-confident. External training will do three things

(a) Teach us how to improve our skills

(b) Expose us to some of the new ideas that pop up in the world from time to time.

(c) Remind us of good habits that we have abandoned

4. ManyCam

If you do remote product demonstrations then ManyCam may be a nice stocking filler for your demo room. This tool allows you to become a TV producer, or at least an amazing vlogger. Basically, ManyCam allows you to easily combine multiple cameras into one shot to display to your customers during Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype or Google Meet calls. It even allows you to include some or all of your PC screen, making it easy to demonstrate software and hardware at the same time. All this for around $100, I’d say it's a steal!

Well, I do hope you get everything your heart (and business) desires this holiday season. I, for one, will add a good dose of downtime to my wishlist.

We all need a break and maybe some candy and a glass of wine in front of the fireplace.

I wish you all the best for 2023.

Ho ho ho……..

Rory Geoghegan

December 12th, 2022

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