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Red Box Direct

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With Red Box Direct you get your own office and dedicated product manager(s) in either Europe or Asia. We manage your people and provide shared back-end logistics.

Red Box Direct is ideal for manufacturers who already have some consistent export sales, but want to really build on that base with an outsourced sales solution. With Red Box Direct you get your own office, under your company branding, based in the export market you are targeting and dedicated Product Manager(s) who will focus 100% on selling to and supporting your customers.

These Product Manager(s) become an integral part of your sales team but are located with and managed by us. Hiring, training, managing and mentoring technical salespeople is something that we really know.

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Dedicated product manager

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Full price control in EU market

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Import / Export logistics taken care of

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Dedicated sales and technical support in your local market

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Full relationship control access to CRM pipeline and all information

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Manage direct and indirect channels

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Exclusive protection of your data and customer relationships 

RB Distribution
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Red Box Distribution

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If you do not require a managed office, and are simply looking for specialized life science product distribution in Europe, then Green Leaf Scientific is the solution for you.

Comprising products from 12 leading life science manufacturers, Green Leaf Scientific has had great success over the last eight years, and it is always looking to expand on it’s catalog of equipment.

We take care of growing your sales through tailored marketing campaigns, and provide a point of contact for any technical queries which your existing and prospective customer base may have (As your sales increase, the option of converting your distribution plan to a managed office with a dedicated product manager is always available).

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First rate distribution model

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Import / Export logistics taken care of

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Proactive outreach - not just reactive sales

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Marketing across multiple channels

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No price gouging - allow for landing costs, handling & currency fluctuations

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Openness - share CRM and customer information at all stages of business

The Red Box Direct Approach

5-steps to start selling in Europe or Asia.


Start Selling

Start selling your products in Europe or Asia.

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Contact Us

Contact us today to start your Red Box Direct journey.

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Set up a meeting

Set up a meeting with a member of our team.


Hire a Product Manager

Decide which models suits your business better, Red Box Direct or Red Box Distribution.


Discuss issues and goals

Tell us your current issues with selling in Europe and Asia and discuss your goals.

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