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Meet the Team

Learn more about the Red Box Direct team.

RBD Europe

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CEO and Director

I have over 30 years experience in the scientific equipment industry. Many of these years have been in corporate leadership roles with special focus on sales management, strategic development along with process design and implementation My hobbies include exercise, baking and reading. I'm also a really bad skier!

Rory Geoghegan
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General Manager & Director

I’ve been with Red Box Direct since 2017. Over the five years I have garnered experience in developing, implementing, and managing sales and marketing strategies for both established and start-up life science equipment manufacturers in the European market. I like playing pretty much any form of sport as long as it is fun (and I win!).

Olivier Welaratne
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Operations Manager & Director

The experience gained over more than a decade in corporate communications and crisis management has stood me in good stead with my role as operations manager. Working closely with our CEO and GM, the company's adminstration and finances are my main focus. I love watching the Springbok rugby team win and I'm really good at apres ski!

Susan Labuschagnea
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I joined Red Box Direct in 2019 with 20 years experience in office administration. I am responsible for order processing, shipping and other aspects of office admin. My hobbies include walking, reading, music and a bit of GAA!

Orla O'Connor
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Digital Marketing Manager

I'm Red Box Direct's Digital Marketing expert. I work closely with our sales team to create campaigns complimenting our sales processes and encouraging proactive sales outreach. When not setting up innovative campaigns for our managed office clients and distribution arm I run my own food and fitness Instagram blog. I hold an MSc in Digital Mareting Strategy from Trinity College Dublin.

Aedammair O'Leary
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Product Manager - Green Leaf Scientific

I'm the Product Manger for Red Box Directs' distribution arm and my aim is to match scientists with the right life science equipment to accomplish their research goals. In my spare time I farm and am also in the final stage of completing a MSc (Research) in Microbiology.

Niamh Higgins
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Product Manager - Columbus Instruments Europe

After moving to Ireland from the US and completing my bachelor's degree in experimental physics in 2021 at Trinity College Dublin, I joined the Red Box Direct team as European Product Manager for Columbus Instruments. I advise scientists across Europe on the best systems to meet their research requirements. Outside of work I love hot yoga, rock climbing and my cat Misha.

Elizabeth Nelson
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Product Manager - Stoelting Europe

I joined Red Box Direct in January 2021 as product manager for Stoelting Europe. Managing sales and marketing as well as contributing to R&D improvements are key aspects of my role. My Masters in Immunology and a degree in Microbiology bring a strong scientific foundation to the table. I love to bake and my colleagues are the usually happy recepients of my endeavours!

Aishwarya Vishwanathan
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Product Manager - Stoelting Europe

With 40 years experience in scientific instrument sales and marketing I bring a unique focus to my role as Product Manager for Stoelting Europe. I have a zest for sales and for life reflected in my down-time interests of travelling, cycling, gardening, baking, reading and photography.

Cinzia Boldi
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Product Manager - Aurora Scientific

As the European Product Manager for Aurora Scientific my focus is to problem solve research issues by matching life science researchers with our systems. I'm originally from Brazil and after qualifying as a vet I moved to Ireland to improve my English. My interests include cooking, playing video games and reading.

Daniele Borges
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