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Sales and Technical Support Solutions in Europe and Asia for Scientific Life Instrument Manufacturers

If you have considered setting up a sales office in any of these markets but found the legal, logistical or financial requirements a barrier, we can help.

We will provide sales and support services to your company, connecting new researchers with your products and offering the technical support they need.


​As a client you get:

  • You own branch office with dedicated product manager(s)

  • Increased trust: Your customers see your company as having presence in Europe and/or Asia

  • Lead Generation

  • Face-to-face product demonstrations and regular customer visits

  • Conference attendances

  • Import and Warehousing

  • Technical Support

  • Marketing

We work closely with our clients, ensuring that all your standards of customer service are met.

Our Three Service Options

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Red Box Direct - Red Box Distribution - Red Box Assist

With Red Box Direct you get your own office and dedicated product manager(s) in either Europe or Asia. We manage your people and provide shared back-end logistics.

Red Box Direct is ideal for manufacturers who already have some consistent export sales, but want to really build on that base. With Red Box Direct you get your own office, under your company branding, based in the export market you are targeting and dedicated Product Manager(s) who will focus 100% on selling to and supporting your customers.


These Product Manager(s) become an integral part of your sales team but are located with and managed by us. Hiring, training, managing and mentoring technical salespeople is something that we really know.



Stoelting Co.

For almost a century Stoelting focused very successfully on US sales. Then came the 90’s, the Internet, and the internationalization of science. Stoelting started to receive increased enquiries from around the globe. Initially, sales in Europe grew and distributors were appointed. By 2007 however, European sales had remained flat for five years.


In 2008, Red Box Direct hired and managed a Product Manager for Stoelting, and set up their European office. Together with the Stoelting team we designed a marketing campaign to inform existing customers that Stoelting now had a sales and support office in the EU.


We also reassured distributors that we genuinely wanted to continue and in fact increase support for their efforts. In the following four years, Stoelting sales in Europe almost trebled. Most of this growth has been in direct sales, but even distributor sales have grown significantly. Today Stoelting is one of the leading providers of Stereotaxics, Neuroscience and Behaviour Research Instruments in Europe.

In the mid-2000’s IonOptix sent a member of staff to Europe to open a regional office. This was a great success at first with sales growing in the first two years. However, the European business wasn’t yet big enough to employ admin staff and the distraction of dealing with finances, importation, employee taxes, etc. were consuming so much of this employee’s time that there was no time left to grow sales further.


In early 2007 Red Box Direct took over managing the IonOptix business in Europe. We set up an IonOptix office, hired a Product Manager, implemented a CRM and designed a marketing campaign for the new entity. More time dedicated to customers produced dividends and, within a year, sales had doubled and have continued to grow ever since. In 2013 we hired an additional Product Manager to cater for additional growth.

Following the takeover of Cambridge Technology Inc.’s muscle levers and force transducers, Aurora Scientific grew rapidly in North America to emerge as one of the leading Muscle Physiology and Neuroscience equipment manufacturers.


In 2011, they decided to open a managed office in Europe in order to better serve their clients, and to establish themselves in it’s market as they have in North America. 9 years later and their Muscle Physiology and Neuroscience equipment can be found across the entirety of the European continent. Their customer base is satisfied with the presence of a dedicated product manager as their first point of contact, and in 2019 their European sales grew by 44% compared to their previous best year. 


As Aurora Scientific continues to grow, they also now have an office in Hong Kong with Red Box Direct to manage their sales into China and other countries in the region.

Green Leaf Scientific Ltd. was founded by Red Box Direct Ltd in 2015 to help researchers in Europe access more specialised scientific research equipment not easily available to them in their region. 


By partnering with smaller niche life sciences manufacturers worldwide, Green Leaf Scientific has played an intricate role in supplying researchers with the specialized equipment they need to progress their research. Now with hundreds of happy customers worldwide, Green Leaf Scientific has evolved to become a leading provider of equipment in the fields of Neuroscience, Optogenetics, In Vivo Behavioural Equipment, Cell Biology and Sample Preparation.


If you are a small scientific research manufacturer, size and finances should not be a barrier to you reaching relevant researchers.


About Us

Red Box Direct Limited is a privately held company head-quartered in Dublin, Ireland and with subsidiaries in Japan and Hong Kong. It is part of the Blue Hills Ventures group of companies. The founders, Rory Geoghegan and Michiel Helmes, each have over 25 years experience in the technology sector.

Rory Geoghegan is the CEO of Red Box Direct Limited, and has extensive business development and sales management experience. Michiel Helmes began his career as a research scientist and then progressed into commercial product development and sales. 


Red Box Direct manages local divisions for a number of clients including Stoelting Co., Aurora Scientific Inc., Amuza Inc. and IonOptix LLC.

If you have any questions about Red Box Direct Limited or want to start a conversation with us about our services then please contact Rory Geoghegan by emailing:


Red Box Direct's mission is to grow sales for our clients by providing exceptional service to their customers.


Our people are also the face of our clients in the markets that we manage for them. For us, people are the most important asset, and the quality of their hiring, training and management, as well as the tools we provide, defines our success.

We believe that everyone in our company contributes to the success of our business and so we all help each other.


Service Descriptions
Our Values
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