How to make a great Sales Presentation

26th Oct, 2017
Here we show the steps you need to follow to make sales presentations to scientists that actually close sales. …
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Prof Puppet on Discount Offers

22nd Oct, 2017
In general, discount offers do work with scientists and here Professor Puppet explains why….. …
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Professor Puppet on the Red Box Direct blog

Prof Puppet on Selling to Scientists

28th Feb, 2017
Professor Hans Von Puppet helps Red Box Direct explain why selling to scientists is different from other B2B capital sales. …
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Successful selling is NEVER EVER MAGIC!

2nd Nov, 2016
(or why having your own sales process adds value to your business) What is the most common problem with the sales function in manufacturing companies? Below, I’ll show you and then I’ll explain how to fix it. As with many things in life the solution is simple but don’t mistake simplicity for ease because easy it is not. If you want to fix the sales function in your business then you will …
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BREXIT: Exporting to Europe – What Now?

26th Jun, 2016
Friday, June 24th 2016 was a very interesting day in Ireland. Three notable things happened. Firstly, I got to hear US Vice President Joe Biden give a very impressive speech on society, inclusiveness and the shared Irish/American experience. I also got to shake his hand! Secondly, the sun came out in Dublin, a rare appearance in Ireland by that mighty fireball. But Friday, June 24th 2016 will …
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