We study your business

HandshakeMenWe share the details of how we operate our services and we ask you to be open with us so together we can evaluate if one of our standard services will lead to greater success for your business. We can offer standard Distribution or help you set up Your Own Office through one of our managed office services. These come at three levels from virtual office with shared staffing, through to setting up and managing your own subsidiary company. We want to be open about things as soon as possible. So, for our managed office services, we usually enter into a bi-directional non-disclosure agreement (NDA) at an early stage. We need to understand the client’s needs and numbers in detail, and you will want to know how we work and what we can do for your business.

If we are happy with each other following these discussions, we move onto details and negotiating the contract. We have been doing this for a while and have a simple and clear agreement that we use as a template. Of course, every client has special requirements and so we tailor elements of our agreement as required.

We set it up in EU, the USA, China or Japan

DeskManFor simple distribution agreements, we get started right away. For more advanced services, like our managed office service then as soon as a contract is signed we will start advertising for a suitable candidate to be your Product Manager/Sales Representative. For some clients we may have agreed to hire more then one Product Manager. We specialise in hiring the right people for the right product lines and we are proud to say that this is one of our greatest strengths.

At the same time we will commence many of the other logistic elements needed to get your office off the ground. Depending on level of service you want from us, these may include registering your business name to trade under in Europe, the USA and/or Asia, getting dedicated phone, fax and email, arranging with our bank to allow us to accept payments using the new business name, setting up our CRM and quotations system to use your logo and address details. Our services can even include company formation, mangement and office facilities. There will be a few changes at your end as well including editing your website to include your new office and contact details.

We manage it and grow it

OffTheGroundMenTypically our Product Managers will train with Red Box Direct for the first 1-2 weeks before visiting the manufacturer for intensive product training and to get to know the team at the manufacturer’s HQ. With your product knowledge and our local management, your new subsidiary, managed office or distribution channel will get off the ground immediately.

Red Box Direct closely monitors and manages the Product Managers we provide for our clients. This includes on-going training on sales and support skills, supervision of the sales pipeline and how prospects are being handled, as well as the development and updating of the marketing and sales plans for the region.

We hand it over

ManWithKeysExperience has shown us that we develop business’ substantially within 2-3 years, in some cases doubling the revenue from the previously used channels. Some of our clients will move up through our service offerings, starting by using us as a distributor and then upgrading to one of our managed office services. Our greatest compliment is to be successful for you. So we understand that if we are very successful then our clients may wish to take over the operation.

We understand this part of the process and plan for it. When a manufacturer decides that their new office or distribution arrangement has grown to a stage that they now want to take full control then we facilitate an invisible handover to their new wholly owned office. We can even help with setting that up for you, too.