Stoelting, Inc.

3d man stoeltingFor almost a century Stoelting focused very successfully on US sales. Then came the 90’s, the Internet, and the internationalization of science. Stoelting started to receive increased enquiries from around the globe. Initially, sales in Europe grew and distributors were appointed. By 2007 however, European sales had remained flat for five years.

In 2008, Red Box Direct hired and managed a Product Manager for Stoelting, and set up their European office. Together with the Stoelting team we designed a marketing campaign to inform existing customers that Stoelting now had a sales and support office in the EU. We also reassured distributors that we genuinely wanted to continue and in fact increase support for their efforts.

In the following four years, Stoelting sales in Europe almost trebled. Most of this growth has been in direct sales, but even distributor sales have grown significantly.

IonOptix LLC

3d man IonOptixIn the mid-2000’s IonOptix sent a member of staff to Europe to open a regional office. This was a great success at first with sales growing in the first two years. However, the European business wasn’t yet big enough to employ admin staff and the distraction of dealing with finances, importation, employee taxes, etc. were consuming so much of this employee’s time that there was no time left to grow sales further.

In early 2007 Red Box Direct took over managing the IonOptix business in Europe. We set up an IonOptix office, hired a Product Manager, implemented a CRM and designed a marketing campaign for the new entity.

More time dedicated to customers produced dividends and, within a year, sales had doubled and have continued to grow ever since. In 2013 we hired an additional Product Manager to cater for additional growth.

Neuralynx, Inc.

3d man NeuralynxWe first met Neuralynx at the end of 2011. Neuralynx already had substantial sales in Europe and having a base there seemed logical but, how to do it? Who would run it and would running it it be a distraction from dealing with customers?

We realized that Neuralynx needed to grow quickly and so we hired two Product Managers to ensure that the manpower was in place to help Neuralynx continue its journey of growth in Europe.

Our speed in getting the new Neuralynx Europe office up and running meant that there was no interruption to their sales growth in Europe. Indeed, pre-sales visits, exhibitions and support visits all increased immediately because the required resources were now available within Europe. Neuralynx also freed up some of their existing resources and could increase support in the Americas, Asia and Oceania, all without missing a beat!