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Your Direct gateway
to Customers in

Europe and Asia

How we can help you sell

Discover our different models for sales in Europe or Asia

Red Box Direct

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Dedicated product manager

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Full price control in EU market

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Import / Export logistics taken care of

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Dedicated sales and technical support in your local market

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Full relationship control access to CRM pipeline and all information

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Manage direct and indirect channels

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Exclusive protection of your data and customer relationships 

Red Box Distribution

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First rate distribution model

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Import / Export logistics taken care of

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Proactive outreach - not just reactive sales

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Marketing across multiple channels

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No price gouging - allow for landing costs, handling & currency fluctuations

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Openness - share CRM and customer information at all stages of business

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We asked some of our key suppliers to share their experiences with us – from the challenges of selling into Europe and Asia, to the growth and success they've achieved.

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The Red Box Direct Approach

5-steps to start selling in Europe or Asia.


Start selling

Start selling your products in Europe or Asia.

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Contact Us

Contact us today to start your Red Box Direct journey.

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Set up a meeting

Set up a meeting with a member of our team.


Decide which model suits your business best

Decide which models suits your business better, Red Box Direct or Red Box Distribution.


Discuss issues and goals

Tell us your current issues with selling in Europe and Asia and discuss your goals.

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We have stories to inspire you

Click below to learn more.

What our clients are saying

"Our success in Europe is a direct result of the quality of people working at Red Box Direct. Clearly a lot of effort goes into recruiting, training and managing staff. It makes their team a pleasure to work with and customer satisfaction can be seen from our increased European sales."

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Trent Lund

President, Stoelting Co.

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