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At Red Box Direct, we believe in the power of partnership to unlock your global life science market potential. We're not just a distributor in the life sciences industry; we're a dedicated partner in your journey to international success.

Our extensive industry knowledge, experience, and local network have assisted several life science companies in achieving their expansion objectives.

Listen to what our clients have to say about their experiences with Red Box Direct. These testimonials are more than just stories; they serve as evidence of the positive impact we've had on businesses throughout Europe and Asia.


If you presently do not have cumbersome relationships with many local distributors and agents, then you should run to Red Box. Not walk, but run and let them start changing the trajectory of your business for the better in Asia and in Europe.

Matthew Borkowski

General Manager, Aurora Scientific

Red Box, besides their deep knowledge of the life sciences market in Europe, has a lot of expertise and experience in the organization. It provides a path that allows you to create a position in the European market without losing control, having your own storefronts, your own dedicated salesperson, influence on strategies, and it's a very transparent model. I was bullish when we started and my belief in this model has grown even stronger. We're on the right track with our European business, and expecting strong growth going forward.

Ewout Leeuwenberg

CEO, Columbus Instruments

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Do it! It's been a great relationship, so I can tell you about the relationship that we've had with them, it's been phenomenal, it's been very stable, very consistent with significant growth in it. And it's just been a very easy relationship, which is all you can really ask for in business. If you can grow, sell more, and it's an easy, low-maintenance situation, I can't think of anything better, and it's quite frankly a rarity, so it's truly enjoyed.

Mike Cochran

CEO, Stoelting Co.

I think it's a no-brainer in a global economy, and a requirement to have the equivalent of satellite offices, which we can't easily provide at the moment under our own direct scope. To have trustworthy and helpful businesses to represent your products.

Sam Kaplan

COO, Pinnacle Technology

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Your Direct Gateway to Customers in Europe and Asia.

Let’s Drive Growth Together Starting Today.

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