How to make a great Sales Presentation

26th Oct, 2017

Here we show the steps you need to follow to make sales presentations to scientists that actually close sales.

Why Red Box Direct is different?

25th Apr, 2016

Answers to questions we are asked regularly: Who are we? What are the traditional ways of exporting B2B Technology Products? Why is Red Box Direct different? All this in 17 brief slides!

Understanding the Red Box Direct service?

3rd Jan, 2016

This new video explains what we do to help our clients grow their international sales. If you make a B2B technology (such as analytical or life science instrumentation, etc.) and want to own your own international sales channels but are afraid of the costs and hassles of setting up your own office(s) abroad then Red Box Direct has a quick, easy and cost effective solution for you. Watch this video to find out more.

Consultative Selling in B2B Technology Sales

17th Dec, 2015

Ever thought analytically about your sales process? Have you mapped it out? This slide deck will help you start to document how selling for your products should be approached……….

Essential guide to starting a regional office abroad

14th Sep, 2015

A new slide deck which lists some of the most important considerations for companies considering opening a sales office abroad. Is this step on your wish list? If so then read on……

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